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Under the Waterline


“With a production budget like Coldplay, the bittersweet ache of a song like Words, from this third album by local artists The Telltales, could give the Poms a run for their money.” Michael Smith, Drum Media, 18 Jul 2008

Under the Waterline - The Telltales



“Great melodies, intelligent playing, thoughtful arrangements and insightful lyrics—what more could you ask for in a pop record?” Michael Smith, Drum Media, 16 Mar 2005

Haymaking - The Telltales



“… pure, heartfelt pop melodies delivered without a hint of anger or angst, simple songs of love and loss, pain and freedom ... a beautifully balanced collection of songs, intelligently arranged, subtly performed by a quartet that knows how to hold back ... This is very much a body of work, working in perfect harmony as such.” Michael Smith, Drum Media, 22 Jul 2003

The Telltales - The Telltales

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October 10, 2007

The Phone Call on YouTube

Finally, we’ve put the music clip for The Phone Call, the single from Haymaking, on YouTube. If you haven’t enjoyed it yet, check it out here. Features a bravura performance by James Lugton.

March 19, 2007

The Telltales are back again!

Another one-off three-piece (Toby, Will and Peter) Telltales gig—Tuesday, March 20th at the Sandringham Hotel, 387 King Street, Newtown Sydney. We’re supporting the excellent Saving Grace, who supported us back at our Haymaking launch gig. We’re on at 9.20pm and play for 40 minutes, and it’s $6 on the door. Be there!

November 17, 2006

The Telltales are back!

... Well, at the moment, for one gig anyway. Yes, the three-piece version of The Telltales (Toby, Will and Peter) you saw at the Haymaking launch are doing a one-off gig on Sunday, November 26th at Sol’s Deck Bar, Taylor Square, Oxford Street Sydney. It’s a Greenpeace benefit, $7 entry, and also features Pilgrims and Bare Bones. The bands start at 5pm and The Telltales will be on about 8.30pm. Look out for a couple of new tunes ... does this mean a new album may be in the works? Who knows ...

October 7, 2005

Taking a break

Just to keep you up to date, The Telltales are taking a break from playing and recording while their lead singer and songwriter Toby Roberts goes on a European sabbatical. In the meantime there’s plenty to browser through here—photos, videos, review and lyrics—everything you wanted to know about the band and their two CDs, Haymaking and The Telltales. Enjoy!

August 13, 2005

Thanks for coming!

Thankyou to everyone who came along to the hugely successful CD launch gig last night—despite the last minute loss of our lead guitarist/backing vocalist to sickness, it was one of our best gigs ever, the Cat & Fiddle was packed and it was a memorable evening. Special thanks to our excellent support band Saving Grace, and the great crowd they brought with them.

August 12, 2005

The Haymaking CD launch TONIGHT!

See you at the Cat & Fiddle Hotel, Balmain tonight at 9pm for the big launch, with support ‘Saving Grace’. Don’t miss it!

July 12, 2005

Upcoming gigs—and at last, the Haymaking CD launch

Check the appearances page for upcoming gigs, as The Telltales do a few practice runs before the big night on the 12th of August, when Haymaking will finally be officially launched with a huge gig at the Cat and Fiddle Hotel, Balmain.

March 16, 2005

Special acoustic gig tonight

The Telltales, in the form of Toby and Mark, will be playing a special acoustic set at The Exchange Hotel, corner of Beattie and Mullens St, Balmain, at 8pm

Fantastic review in Drum Media

Michael Smith, Drum Media, 16 Feb 05

“Great melodies, intelligent playing, thoughtful arrangements and insightful lyrics—what more could you ask for in a pop record?” Read the full review »

The Phone Call video now online

Go here to check out the video for the first single from Haymaking.

February 10, 2005

Let the gigs begin!

If you’re in Manly tonight, drop into the Manly Boatshed, on the Corso, around 10.00pm, when we’ll be doing a short set as part of the Songwriter’s Live night.

January 14, 2005

Sorry reaches finals

One of the songs from our new CD, Sorry, is a finalist in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category of the International Songwriting Competition. This year there were over 11,000 entries from more than 70 countries.

January 12, 2005

The Telltales’ new CD released

At last, the second CD by The Telltales, Haymaking has been released and can now be purchased by ordering from your favourite store or buying online at Waterfront Records.

Listen to three of the songs from the new CD here, including the new single, The Phone Call. The film clip for the song is finished and will be on your screens soon.

November 29, 2004

New film clip for ‘The Phone Call’

Last Sunday The Telltales filmed the video clip for the first single off Haymaking, ‘The Phone Call.’ With well-known entrepreneur and director Brett Clements at the helm, the shoot turned into a mini-documentary and theatre piece as well as film clip—the results are going to be groundbreaking. See some photos from the shoot.

Finally, the new CD is at the printers and should be out before Christmas.

November, 2004

New CD ... new website

Welcome to the new Telltales website.

The mastering phase of the new CD Haymaking is finished and it’ll be going to production next week. Stay tuned.

September, 2004

New CD progress

The second CD is in mastering, film clips are scheduled, Universal Head is finishing off the artwork and it will definitely be out for Christmas ... and a new look website soon. If you haven’t done it yet, order your copy of our debut CD from your favourite record store, Waterfront Records or RedEye Records. Check out HMV in Pitt St Mall—the band even has a divider with their name on it ...

February 2004

Work on the new CD progresses ... We’re taking a break from performing to work feverishly on the new CD, which is shaping up nicely. Final tracks are being added now and we're almost at the mixing stage. Stay tuned.

November 2003

Rave review in Sydney's Drum Media

Michael Smith has described our first album as: ‘... pure, heartfelt pop melodies delivered without a hint of anger or angst, simple songs of love and loss, pain and freedom ... a beautifully balanced collection of songs, intelligently arranged, subtly performed by a quartet that knows how to hold back ... This is very much a body of work, working in perfect harmony as such.’

Official CD launch!

This Friday the 5th of December at the Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney, with Dastedly and Dallas, 8.30pm. Be there! There are also interviews with The Telltales in The Brag and Drum Media this week.

October 2003

Special thanks from The Telltales

The Telltales would like to extend their warmest gratitude to Dale and David Whan, and all those who attended our showcase performance in their home recently. Thanks to the support of the Whans and their guests, we are able to independently finance the recording of our second CD. A very special evening.

Absolve You clip a big hit on TV

Absolve You has been getting extensive airplay lately, especially on MusicMax where it goes out 3 times a day. Look out for us on Video Hits Uncut this Friday the 17th. We'll be starting work on a clip for our second single in a month or so.

September 2003

The rise and rise of The Telltales continues ...

The video for The Telltales’ first single Absolve You is getting some extensive TV airplay so keep an eye out for it—we’ll list notice of broadcasts as we get them in the Appearances section.

You may have noticed this site has now found its permanent home on, so please adjust your bookmarks. We’ve also made a few changes to the site, including adding a Video section, where you can now download low and high-res versions of our Absolve You video clip, along with an interview and acoustic performances of Absolve You and Flying Juice for Basement Radio.

July 2003

Recording of the new CD has begun ...

We’re back in the studio working on the follow up to our first CD. It’s taking the band in a new direction, with plans for a much richer sonic landscape featuring strings and horn sections, piano and greater rhythmic diversity.

However, we’re still in the throes of launching and promoting our first CD. The video for our first single (Absolve You) is now available on DVD. A CD launch gig date will be announced imminently. You can hear us interviewed and performing live on the radio twice in the coming weeks and catch us live in Sydney and in Newcastle. See the Appearances page for details of upcoming gigs.

May 2003

Just some of the comments we’ve received about our debut album

‘This CD is absolutely fantastic ... like all great albums, every listen gets better. I really, really love it. It is seriously f*&%$n great music. Great words, great tunes and great musicianship.’

‘I'm absolutely speechless! I've been listening to your CD for a few hours now, and let me tell you, it’s bloody brilliant! I love it! I've been grabbing innocent passers by and hauling them into my office so that they, too, can experience this soulful, beautiful, acoustic bliss.’

‘... this is seriously great music ... the songs are as good as anything I have in my somewhat large music collection—no ifs, buts or anything.’

March 2003

The Telltales debut CD released!

Yeah baby ... The Telltales debut CD. Fresh off the presses, ready for your consumption! Now for sale at upcoming gigs or contact us for a copy.

Website opens

Just in time for the debut CD, get your piping hot band news, downloads, gig information and photos right here. Who made it? Universal Head that’s who.

The Telltales nominated 3 times in Australian Songwriters Awards

The Telltales received 3 nominations in the top ten of the ‘Coffee House’ category ... Cornflower Girl at #8, It’s Over at #9, and Half Here at #10.

August 2002

My Father’s Things top 5 in Music Oz Awards

The Telltales song My Father’s Things made the top 5 in the Folk category of the Music Oz Awards.

January 2002

Absolve You in the finals of Unisong Competition

Absolve You, the first single from our debut album, reached the finals in the Pop section of Unisong, an international song competition held in New York.

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